Nearly one year ago, our little mare, Sylvia, survived a severe colic episode, stunning us with her determination and strong spirit. The care and support of colleagues and clients present at Montebelli for one of the Coming Back to Center workshops played a significant role in helping her bear the extreme intestinal pain and to not give up. For more than 24 hours, her life was at stake, and behind every push to keep her on her feet and moving, every massaging hand on her swollen belly, and every tender, connected caress was a powerful energetic commitment to her well being. We work with and teach about the power of energy every day here at Montebelli, and often we focus on the growth, the education and the healing that the energy of the horses brings people. In this case, it was the healing energy of people that helped save Sylvia.

One of the clients present that special day returned this week to Montebelli with her two young daughters. The horse who connected most with the family was Sylvia. She showed each member of the family something significant about their own energy and style, whether at liberty in the arena, moving in the round pen, or riding. She formed a special bond with the elder daughter, who was able to dramatically increase her leadership presence and embody confidence in just three days. It was evident that this seven year old girl from Istanbul possessed the same spirit of determination and fortitude as the eight year old mare from Italy. As we always say, there is no such thing as coincidence.



  1. Ashley, as always, you nailed it. I love your stories, your writing, and most importantly, the work you are doing. Kudos my friend. Proud to know you. xxx

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