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From team building for the workplace to life transition soul work, horses offer opportunities to re-assess yourself and your approach to personal and professional excellence and fulfillment. Connecting and communicating with horses through the body allows you to access intuition, clarity and choice, as you are tapping into potential beyond just the thinking mind.

The feeling of a 1,000 pound animal focusing all her attention on you, listening, waiting, respecting, responding to and trusting in you, is like an injection of renewed courage, motivation and dedication for whatever it is in your life that you want to do, change, or become.

All levels and styles of horsemanship welcome, but no horse experience necessary. This work is about tuning in to the horses first, recognizing what you can control within your own body and it primarily takes place on the ground. Sessions for individuals and groups are conducted in a confidential, retreat-style manner. This work complements yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness and physical well-being practices.

Reach Higher Levels of Potential and Wellness through Experiential Learning and Coaching with Horses.




  • Develop your power of observation and ability to respond, not react
  • Gain insight into your patterns and habits, and uncover new possibilities
  • Practice embodied commitment and leadership presence
  • Learn to let emotions inform you, not overtake you
  • Live life as a horse does: in every moment, authentically, and connected
Private sessions (2-2.5 hours), $195, Follow-up private sessions (1.5-2 hours), $150

Private Session

Initial session in Equine Guided Coaching, includes intake discussion and follow up by email.


Follow-Up Private Session

Available after one private session or one group program.


Introductory Day sessions (4-6 hours) for groups, $175 per person
Multi-day or theme-specific sessions for groups, customized pricing




  • Spend a weekend in the company of horses as you reconnect to what you truly value and to how you want to contribute to the world. Certified facilitators share the wonder of equine feedback in aiding the process of human learning and transformation. Enjoy a getaway to the outdoors in horse country from California to Italy, programs announced here regularly, or created around your group’s schedule and requests. Contact ashley@horsesforthesoul for details.AshOnFence_6941_6x4


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