HORSES FOR THE SOUL provides personal and professional development training for individuals and organizations whose missions are rooted in building a better life and a better world.

Reach Higher Levels of Potential and Wellness through Experiential Learning and Coaching with Horses.

Certified in Equine Guided Education and having practiced on both coasts and internationally for eight years with horses and people from diverse backgrounds, I have witnessed the awakenings and transformations that experiential coaching generates. When undergoing a shift or change in life, addressing your full being: the body, the mind, the spirit and the soul is crucial for lasting results. Horses naturally and masterfully do this for themselves, and willingly help us learn how.

What coaching with horses offers people, through liberty and groundwork sessions and programs that may include some mounted exercises, is the ability to effectively identify and manage energy and emotion, a connection to soul-felt purpose and value, and the means  to move through blocks to progress. Thinking, talking and planning are not enough to create real transformation. Put your feet in a paddock and let a horse help change your life.

Changing the world starts with changing perspective and changing lives.

New insight. New habits. New life. New paradigm.



The horses and I live in Sparks Maryland, after five years in California and several years in Washington State where our journey together began.

My coaching training and certification is an advanced level EGE (Equine Guided Education) Facilitator/Coach through SkyHorse EGE, where I began my career as a member of the teaching staff. Through this website I also seek to share information about related work with horses, stories about experiences in the work, recommended Equine Guided Educators, as well as news and information about horses in service, available horses, and wild horse and habitat preservation. Please feel free to comment, make suggestions, share stories, contact me about working with the horses, and help build the growing network of people interested and involved in this work.

My best to you and all the horses in your lives,


Contact: ashley@horsesforthesoul.org



 My Equine Partners at Home: Daisy, Zorro, & Bobbilinkapoo

In Memorium: Taj, who taught us all to persevere.

4 Horse Portraits




  1. Hi, thank you for writing such a moving EGE experience!! It is very hard to describe the process, and you did it superbly. Where are you located? Were you at the last EGE conference in Tomales? I worked with Ariana for 4 years prior to the first EGE conference and then through and into a few more. I live in Petaluma, and was certified in 2004!! This is embarrassing to share but I am just now looking into beginning offering myself as a facilitator. I LOVE the work! So, hence, I found your blog. Keep up the good work!!

    • Hi Anne,
      Thank you so much for your note! Yes I was at the conference in January, had a great time! I live in Seattle, but have been collaborating with fellow EGE practitioners in various places since my certification at Skyhorse in 2010. Hallie Bigliardi, also in my class, who facilitated the round pen for me, will be facilitating a workshop on transition over Labor Day weekend in the San Jose area, and I’ll be helping there. Would of course love to see you/meet you, and support your efforts to move forward with EGE too!
      I’ll post more details soon. Thanks again and all the best!

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