SUSTAIN THE CHANGE – Special Pilot Edition

How Horses and Oils Anchor Change in Your Life

OCTOBER 19th in SPARKS, MARYLAND • 9:00 – 1:00pm • Option to stay for bonus horse time and oils questions until 2:00pm

Have you been wanting to make life changes, feel better, or begin something new?

Have you become clear that the way things are now is not working?

Maybe you’ve gotten a start on making changes through counseling, traditional life coaching, meditation, even marathon training, but you are not seeing the results…

And so, you’re feeling frustrated. You find yourself still suffering from the same old problems.

Working with and learning from horses through Equine Guided Coaching can get you where you want to be in your career, in your relationships, and in your health . . . faster! And most importantly, it allows you to better sustain the changes you want to make.


This day is for you if

  • You are curious
  • You want to step up to the next level of personal leadership
  • You are ready to shift unproductive habits and patterns to live a more satisfying life

This day is NOT for

  • People who are happy with the status quo and don’t want to change
  • Those refusing to acknowledge their blind spots
  • Individuals who prefer to blame others and circumstances, rather than take self-responsibility

Grazing_Amy2 copy

Horses survive by sensing and responding to subtle shifts in their environment, and when you are near them, they are sensing and responding to you. Horses don’t use words, they use movement to communicate, and their movements allow you to physically see when you are being effective or ineffective, and when you’ve made successful shifts in your thinking, approach, or responses.

A trained facilitator will coach you through the experience of what the horse is reflecting to you and recognizing the options you have for change.

Together with Darlene LeVan of Simple Essentials, we have created a program that integrates DoTerra essential oils as an additional layer of mind-body-spirit & soul balance and alignment. The anchoring power of highly fragrant, medicinal essential oil is an additional support to sustain change in yourself and your life. You can’t always take home a horse, but you can take home oils to help ground your change process and new habits. There will be an opportunity to get started with essential oils, but no purchase is necessary. The experience of the oils for yourself and for the horses will provide additional biochemical awareness for this immersive day.

No horse experience necessary. No riding. All exercises are done from the ground.


“Sustained change” translates to a new you, with a new way of being, and leading your life.

It’s not enough to decide to be different or to change your mind. You must also change the way your body responds to pressure, confusion, and challenge. When your whole being is involved – mental, emotional, and physical – your experiences become visceral, allowing you to anchor the shifts you want to make and your new way of being, and this process happens more quickly and naturally around horses. Essential oils can promote a rapid emotional response in the brain and can actually change nervous system biochemistry. Using oils to help promote the moods or “states of being” we want for our highest level of potential and wellness is a powerful tool both with and without horses.


This program is the first step toward sustained change. As you’ve already experienced, sustained change does not happen in one day, and since you have not been able to achieve this change on your own, by now you recognize the need for external support.

This half-day program offers an opportunity to feel the power of anchoring and to learn new perspectives and practices that will create the initial shifts necessary for progress toward your desired change, whether you decide to continue with our method or find another program that is better suited to your needs and preferences.

The regular investment for a half-day program is $298. We are hosting this program as a SPECIAL PILOT EDITION to introduce our specific methodologies and future offerings for implementing lasting change and improved emotional well-being.

Therefore, the cost for October 19th is only $150 and we would love your feedback at the end of the experience to help us shape the best possible offerings moving forward.




Half-day program, 9:00am-1:00pm, with option to stay for bonus horse time and oils questions until 2:00pm. Light snacks and refreshments provided.


Meet your facilitators*:


 Ashley Smith left a corporate job in HR to pursue a career in which she could return to horses and work with them to improve people’s lives and relationships. As an Equine Guided Coach, she trains communication, confidence, personal leadership and professional development through horse-human interaction. She holds an advanced certification in Equine Guided Education, a somatic based method of coaching with horses, which emphasizes sensate, experiential learning that encompasses body, mind and spirit.

Ashley has worked in California, Washington, Maryland, Italy and Jordan, and has facilitated experiences for individuals, groups and teams which foster a deeper understanding of self and other and open pathways to lasting change. Through Equine Guided work, Ashley fulfills her mission to connect people with their sense of purpose in life, as well as to increase appreciation for horses and the natural world.


Darlene+Desi_4x5Darlene LeVan has been supporting people and animals for the past four years through her education and use of therapeutic grade essential oils by doTERRA. With a background as a veterinary technician and an education in agriculture, it has been a natural step for her to take in the arena of passion for health and wellness. She offers doTERRA products, personal wellness support, educational workshops and facilitation for healing retreats. Darlene is also an avid endurance rider with her horse, Desi, and finds the use of oils very beneficial in maintaining balance and health in competition.


*For groups of 8 or more participants, both Hallie and Ashley will be present. For smaller groups, Hallie facilitates in California, and Ashley in Maryland. Hallie and Ashley have been co-facilitating, researching, and developing programs together since they were certified in 2010.

Hallie Portraitb_F

Hallie Bigliardi is the published author of Take Back the Reins – The Truth About Why You’re Stuck and How to Get Moving Again. As a SkyHorseEGE™ certified coach and instructor, Hallie spent eight years staffing and teaching SkyHorseEGE™ programs and helping to certify hundreds of people from all over the world in the work of Equine Guided Education (EGE).

An expert in the areas of relationships, personal leadership, authentic communication, and facilitating transformational breakthroughs, Hallie facilitates and coaches individual EGE sessions and group workshops in California, Colorado, and Maryland. Using her uniquely integrated approach, which honors the interconnected aspects of body, mind, spirit, and soul, Hallie has developed an effective approach for getting unstuck and moving forward toward meaningful, sustainable change.