Special Events

A Fireside Chat

Exploring Avenues to the Spirit: Amman, Jordan | May 13, 2017

6:15pm at Beit Shams, Rainbow St. | Ticket price 25 JD’s | RSVP and Info: 0796602024

A fireside chat is a public conversation taking place in a more intimate setting, as it would be around a camp fire, to encourage the thoughts and ideas of everyone present. The ways in which we all seek connection to spirit or tend to our spiritual well being are unique and personal. The ways in which we all struggle to connect – to spirit, to each other and to ourselves – are personal as well, yet our struggles share common threads, and the pathways we find to connection and well-being are worth sharing, as we are all in this journey together.

Although horses will not be in this urban space, we will bring their connective spirit to this very special conversation. When we talk to horses, the conversation on both sides includes much listening, observing and feeling. Join us in opening up possibilities to integrate body mind and spirit.

Photo by Tala Mauge: Amman, Jordan 2016

Nine individuals from different walks of life will share a part of their journeys and their practices in connecting to spirit. We will learn from and inspire each other to continue to explore, to practice and to realize that transformation and the means of tending to the soul are more possible and accessible than we may think.

Lead Speaker

Ashley  Smith :  Equine Guided Coach – USA

Guest Speakers

Jill Buttikhi : Reiki Practitioner – Jordan 

Khadija Muhaisen : Sacred Activation Yoga Lead Trainer – Jordan

Niveen Abboushi : Holistic Therapist, Soulful Entrepreneur – Jordan

 Susan Bainter Baghdadi : Master Life Coach & Trauma Specialist – Jordan

Timothy Sadanand, CMT : Intuitive Bodywork & Somatics – USA 

Farhan Ifram & Luma Mansour : Personal Journey – Jordan 

Facilitator : Tala Mauge Zaru

Themes we will explore:

  • Authenticity & Curiosity
  • Energy, Emotion and the Body
  • Aligning Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Strength in Vulnerability
  • Empowerment through Consciousness
  • Trust, Faith and Acceptance
  • Path of Purpose / “For the Sake of What”