Horse Programs – Maryland

CULTIVATING CONFIDENCE – Move through hesitation or fear with a horse

Dates TBA for Fall 2017

Please book in advance: email Program is 9:30am – 5:30pm, lunch provided.

Confidence – It is magnetic and it builds momentum for personal progress. We need it to negotiate the twists and turns of life and to move forward with feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction and joy. In this one-day immersive program with horses, we will determine where in our lives we want to cultivate more confidence, and develop a plan to effectively do so. Continued practice with the horses through multiple sessions is recommended but not required.


Horses are drawn to confidence and authenticity. In being with them and working with them, we learn to shift our bodies into a more confident state even in the face of fear, frustration, anxiety or uncertainty. While feeling and acknowledging our true emotions, we turn to our own bodies to produce steady, rhythmic breathing, posture and movements, even under pressure or in the face of challenges. Rhythm and balance are manifestations of confidence. We receive real-time feedback about our levels of confidence and authenticity from the horses, who will respond with trust, curiosity and willingness to engage as we improve.


The CULTIVATING CONFIDENCE program will be limited to six participants per Saturday session. We will have 3-hour morning and afternoon sessions of group work, an hour for lunch and a final hour at the end of the day for further questions and discussion. We will address:

  • Awareness of personal presence and impact
  • Quality of leadership and relationship style
  • Ability to respond from a place of choice as opposed to react from a place of limitation
  • Letting go of what is curbing our confidence

COST: $150 or $125 for booking multiple sessions.

Please book at least one week in advance for each session. Email Ashley at