SOUL HEALTH: The Link to Living Unlimited

Because MIND + BODY is not the whole equation. Reach Higher Levels of Wellness and Potential. Are you living at your highest levels of wellness and potential? If you are on a plateau, feeling stuck or blocked, longing to break through, this course is for you. Get to the root of what you can change NOW. Address Soul Health with guidance from horses.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM A SOUL HEALTH PROGRAM? Anyone wanting additional insight and support with a current career or relationship challenge, transition or sticking point. If thinking, talking and planning have not yet produced the results you want, experiential work with horses can take you to the next level.

WHAT IS SOUL HEALTH? The strength of your connection to your “internal compass” and your resilience in the face of adversity.

HOW CAN HORSES HELP? Horses as “therapists” are on the rise. From the physical benefits of therapeutic riding for persons with neuromuscular challenges to the mental health benefits for survivors of trauma, people are benefiting from programs employing horses around the world. In addition to the health of the body and the mind, horses improve the health of the soul.

Fall 2018 Program: Dates TBD – Amman, Jordan


Horses help us:

  • Move through difficult transitions such as loss of a loved one, entering a new phase of life, or the end of a relationship.
  • Break through places in our lives where we’ve been stuck, knowing we need to and want to change, unable to figure out how.
  • Follow through on our goals, clarify our conviction, and truly tap into our body’s wisdom, and our full capacity.

Soul Health Building Blocks 


  • Developing somatic awareness: feeling vs. thinking, exercising intuition
  • Energy of emotion: How does emotion affect your body, your mind, your spirit, your choices?
  • Addressing the obstacles: Fear, judgment and the TRUTH


  • What are you embodying and is it serving you?
  • Listening to your soul and finding resonance, listening to others and shifting dissonance to resonance.
  • Crafting true commitment.


  • Turning challenge and conflict into possibility and productivity.
  • Declaring & embodying commitment, leading commitment into the world.
  • Self-responsibility, acknowledging “the try,” and re-committing. Identifying your resources.

How does it work?

Horses are highly sensitive with a keen ability to detect the slightest shifts in the energy around them, and they naturally respond to and reflect the energy in their environment. Everything that your innate energy and body language does to impact people in subtle ways is going to immediately impact a horse in a stronger way. The energy of your genuine feelings, soul’s longing or emotional state will be received as information to the horse, and the horse will respond. Through activities with horses at liberty and basic groundwork exercises, the horses’ feedback and observations by the coaches can help to identify the habitual somatic language you are subconsciously speaking and uncover the underlying emotions that trigger it.

When your mind is aligned with your heart and soul, and you are in touch with what you care about, you become interesting to the horse. If a horse is moving away from you, refusing to follow your lead, or displaying tension or nervous behavior, chances are that you are displaying something other than what you intended to the horse and to the world at large. The feedback from the horse will help you identify this, so you can make a change.

Horses are also masters at moving energy and releasing, so they will help you let go of what is no longer serving you. Release old baggage and hesitation, and lead yourself into your next phase with clarity and commitment.

Logistics: Fall dates in AMMAN, JORDAN TBD

  • Online and conference call program work. We will meet virtually in a private group, and work together to clarify key concepts of equine guided and somatic work, as well as core subject matter for each person.
  • Onsite program work takes place outside with horses. We will meet daily from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm on the farm. Equine Guided work is not about riding, horsemanship nor horse training.
  • Facilitators are certified, experienced coaches specializing in personal and relational awareness and development.
  • Coffee, tea, healthy snacks and lunches will be provided onsite.



Stay tuned! When dates are confirmed, you will be able to register and pay here. Meanwhile, please use the form below to let us know you are interested.



Hallie Bigliardi and Ashley Smith met in their Equine Guided Education (EGE) certification course in 2010 at SkyHorse Ranch in California. Since then, they have collaborated and co-facilitated workshops, as well as spent years on staff teaching and supporting the EGE certification programs. Over the last seven years, Hallie and Ashley have also worked independently to further develop their own styles and approaches to Equine Guided work. Hallie’s pursuit of connection and correlation with the study of archetypes and astrology blends well with Ashley’s pursuit of dream work and cross-cultural experience.

Individual bios:

Ashley Smith

Combining years of experience in HR and human relations with horsemanship and equine behavior, Ashley Smith trains self-awareness, communication, professional and personal development through horse-human interaction. She holds an advanced certification in Equine Guided Education, a somatic based method of coaching with horses, which emphasizes sensate, experiential learning that encompasses body, mind and spirit.

Ashley has worked in California, Washington, Maryland, Italy and Jordan, and has facilitated experiences for individuals, groups and teams which foster understanding of self and other as well as connect people with their sense of purpose in life, the land, the sky and everything in between.

Hallie Bigliardi

Hallie Bigliardi is a Level 5-Certified SkyHorseEGE™ Coach and Instructor. Through her own programs and as SkyHorseEGE™ faculty, Hallie has worked with hundreds of people from all over the world, facilitating with genuine compassion and insight. Her priority is to create a safe place for people to enter into their own courageous conversation, while the horse provides authentic, unprejudiced feedback.

Hallie has a natural gift in the areas of relationship and communication, and she draws from her extensive study of human development themes, through the lens of archetypes in Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts course, and human development cycles, through intuitive-archetypal astrology in Robert Ohotto’s Soul Destinies course. With these added dimensions of perspective, Hallie bridges the practices of somatics and the body, mind, spirit concept with the themes and language of the soul. Hallie’s next public presentation will be in April, 2018 to students of Colorado State University’s Equine Science program to further their learning of equine behavior and the benefits of horse-human interaction.

“In this time of unprecedented global change, it is more important than ever to be connected and aligned to our own internal compass (in other words, our soul). To navigate these changes with purpose, we must increase our awareness of how our habits and social conditioning are running the show and begin making conscious choices that will move us toward the life we want to live.”

Please note:  Payment is due at the time of registration.