Children have long benefitted from learning how to care for animals. Conventional riding lessons have been the standard option for children interested in horses. There is another option.

What Better Friend Than a Horse?

A child who is curious is a child who can learn. A child who is curious is a child who can move through fear. A child who is curious is a child who can become a healthy, confident individual. The same is true of horses. Emphasizing observation and listening skills, we start with building a friendship first. Children learn to relate to the horse, care for the horse and appreciate the horse in order to learn how to ride a horse in partnership, with mutual understanding. Horses can help children with tendencies such as: Difficulty focusing, Shutting down when overwhelmed, Separation anxiety, Healing emotionally from physical illness or injury. Sessions can include riding if desired, and time with the horses will:

  • Foster curiosity and learning.
  • Highlight connection and relationship building.
  • Instill or increase confidence in trying new things.
  • Teach basic somatic practices children can use anywhere to calm and center under pressure.

Coping Skills in the Digital Age

Growing up with nearly constant access to electronic connection, information, commercial messaging and virtual conversation places a new kind of stress on children. Screen time is taking away from face-to-face time and time in nature. The online existence is shaping the way children develop self-image. In an era of instant access, instant gratification, and instant results, life gets “sped up” in many ways. Interacting with horses and the natural world provides an emotionally safe space to stretch personal limits, express ideas and feelings, slow things down and practice authenticity.

  • Explore sensory input and impact without electronic influence
  • Practice staying in the present moment
  • Acknowledge true feelings and natural reactions under pressure
  • Experience real connection, listening, and judgement-free feedback

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