Immerse yourself in Italian landscape and nature to awaken the inner magic of life.

April 27 – May 1, 2019 • MONTEBELLI – 

Awareness, Intentionality and Balance

Coming Back to Center is a series of workshops that expand our capacity to move through life from a place of awareness, intentionality and balance; to improve our ability to be centered while we’re pulled in many directions by the drift of life, making purposeful choices that are aligned with what we care about most rather than reacting automatically and feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. Being centered is more than just a concept or an idea, it’s a felt sense, a bodily experience that lives first at a cellular level and that this state can be learned, developed and practiced.

Building Empathy and Effective Relationships

Centering helps us feel others, build empathy, and be more effective and impactful in relationships. During this highly experiential workshop we will introduce and build upon physical, mental and soulful practices to strengthen and further expand our ability to operate from a place of center, where we experience sensate power, clarity of mind and emotional balance.

A Stronger and More Grounded Presence

In our personal and professional lives, we become more effective when we foster a stronger and more grounded presence, which allows better connection with oneself and others and increases the ability to generate trust and deal with stressful situations.


A core aspect of the Coming Back to Center program in Montebelli is working with the more than one dozen resident thoroughbreds who have been retired from racing and retrained to have new careers in trail riding and Equine Guided Education. Sessions with the horses during the program are tailored to the group’s needs and experience, and reflect the unique relevant themes and inquiries of participants. Interacting with horses at liberty, as well as focused exercises in groundwork with individual horses create a full spectrum somatic experience accelerating lasting new perspectives, commitments and transformation. Horses confirm our effectiveness in communication and leadership as well as our clarity of purpose and direction.


Coming Back to Center is not a training, workshop or a seminar… Its’s an unconventional approach towards personal development – to understand where you are dreaming of going, what your vision is, and what you are committed to do to move towards your vision… I’m grateful to Gila, Giulio, Raffaele, Tommaso and Ashley, and all the resourceful and beautiful friends I met for sharing your wisdom and turning this into a lifetime experience!

(Asli Cavusoglu – Consultant/Leadership Advisor – June 2014) 

“Coming Back to Center” was a very very powerful experience, enjoyable but challenging journey to inner self, rediscovery of my body power, my senses & emotions and the impact of those to myself and others. An outstanding experience with exceptional performance of the facilitators. Something that also differentiates itself with the sincere family atmosphere. It helped me a lot to face my emotions without fear and to deal with them. I thank you all who made this experience unforgettable for me.

(Patricia Gazze – HR Director – June 2014) 


€2000 inclusive of:
– Workshop fee and 4 nights accommodation at Montebelli Country Hotel, full board (breakfast, lunch, dinners and coffee breaks)

The cost doesn’t include transportation and extras at the hotel. 50% of the fee is required on registration.

Please email Gila Seritcioglu ( or Giulio Brunini ( for details regarding registration.


Gila Seritcioglu – MCC, Gestalt and Somatic Coach, Expressive art Therapist

Gila is one of the three Master Certified Coaches (MCC) in Turkey, entitled through the International Coach Federation, ICF. She offers a unique combination of twenty years of extensive experience developing the human potential and performance of leaders and people of various ages as a Gestalt coach, consultant, expressive arts therapist, educationalist and trainer. She is the founder of Increa Creative Coaching & Consulting. Currently she works locally and internationaly and is specialised in coaching top executives, teams, leaders, professionals, groups and organisations. She also has extensive experience in designing and implementing tailor made experiential trainings and workshops using creative techniques. Gila coaches in Turkish and English. She is a member and coach of the Global Coaching Network representing Turkey. She is a Certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute and works with leaders on building an impactful leadership presence.

Giulio Brunini – Somatic Coach

Giulio moved to Italy from South Africa in 1975 and grew up in Naples and Rome before his family moved to Tuscany, taking over Montebelli and turning it into the organic farm and country hotel that it is today. Now father of two young daughters, he brings a blend of cultures and experiences, a strong passion for nature, a curiosity and interest for personal journeys and self reflection and a belief that powerful and positive personal transformations happen as we choose to attend to the body, by listening to it and living in it. Giulio is a Certified Somatic Coach, an Associate of the Strozzi Institute in California and a graduate of Newfield Network. Drawing on his own extensive corporate experience gained from working for over 15 years in senior positions that include CEO at a Universal Music/WPP company, Director at Yahoo! and Saatchi & Saatchi, Giulio works primarily with senior executives on leadership embodiment programs.

Raffaele Ponticelli – Bioenergetic Therapist

Psychologist, psychotherapist and freelance journalist, Raffaele developed his knowledge thanks to Jules Grossman, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos. He completed studies in Bioenergetics Therapy at San Francisco State University, and is certified by The International Institute for Bionergetic Analysis of New York in recognition for his research and experience in the field of psychology. He developed his original therapeutic method called “Emotional Psychotherapy” explained in his first book Express your Emotions and Live Better edited by Xenia (Milan) in 1996. He is president of the Jules Grossman Institute of Naples. He conducts workshops and programs of Emotional Education and Education in Feelings® and Existential Memorization Trainings® for Institutes of Humanistic psychology and for Italian and European companies.


Tommaso Migliozzi – Horse Trainer and EGE Coach

Established 25 years ago, Montebelli Turf has a strong tradition in thoroughbred horse breeding and racing with over 300 national and international victories. Montebelli’s Stable is led by Tommaso Migliozzi, a Licensed Horse Trainer and EGE (Equine Guided Education) Certified Coach. Combining his horse training skills with his coaching competencies, Tommaso creates a safe environment and puts people in contact with the horse – regardless of their level of experience – to create unconventional, non verbal learnings that lead to powerful personal transformations and shifts.

Ashley Smith  – Equine Guided Coach

Combining years of experience in HR and human relations with horsemanship and equine behavior, Ashley Smith trains self-awareness, communication, professional and personal development through horse-human interaction. She is certified in Equine Guided Education, a somatic based method of coaching with horses, which emphasizes sensate, experiential learning that encompasses body, mind and spirit. Whether you are five or seventy-five, whether you want to ride or are afraid of horses, Ashley creates experiences for people with horses which foster understanding and build a rapport with the animals as well as connect people with their core selves, their sense of purpose in life, the land, the sky and everything in between.