Montebelli hosts equine programs with their retired race horses, a very special group of sensitive and spirited guides. Horses For The Soul is honored to partner with Montebelli in creating retreats focused on personal growth and well-being.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Tuscany at an organic farm, vineyard and country hotel with 2 to 4-day intensive programs that enhance your ability to expand awareness, communicate through the body, develop your personal presence and embody the values and vitality that is uniquely yours.

Group programs with equestrian focus will develop connection and feel for the horse, and improve your groundwork and riding at every level. Group programs with non-equestrian focus will develop the ability to relax under pressure, live the present moment, and improve your quality of life.

Contact to customize and book your group sessions (minimum 8 persons) and your stay at this beautiful Tuscan Agriturismo. Corporate, educational and wellness groups welcome!


Registration: Montebelli Agriturismo and Country Hotel, Location Molinetto Caldana Grosseto -58,023; tel. 0566.887100; fax: 0566.81439;


Discover what horses have to offer in addition to sport and riding.

The horse program at Montebelli is grounded in the philosophy that working with and riding horses requires first establishing a relationship and understanding the ability to shift into a leadership role. Horses bring us joy, inspiration, and a humble respect for their power, and they always have something to teach us about ourselves, about how we move through life and connect with others. Explore trust, curiosity, connection, and the power of energy with the horses in this very special place.

 Our flagship program Coming Back to Center is an experience not to be missed. For details, click HERE.





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