Horses at Work

In late 2010, the city of Seattle chose to cut the police Department’s budget for the police horses. The total annual savings is about $160,000. The officers would be relocated to other divisions.

Seattle loves its Mounted Police; the Police Foundation stepped in and raised money for not only 2011, but also for 2012 and 2013. See the SAVE OUR HORSES campaign site.

Some members of the City Council have argued that the community and non-profit organizations have no right to make changes to their decisions. For now, the Mounted Police still have jobs for the near future. If the City Council does not continue to hear from constituents that people want to keep the Mounted Patrol, Seattle may lose a vital and invaluable part of its police force and its city’s heritage.

Please see this video that we, a group of volunteer Seattle citizens in the film and motion graphics industry, created to showcase the powerful impact horses have in police work:

If you are a Seattle area resident, please email or call the City Council Members immediately to let them know that you support keeping our Mounted Patrol. Their contact information is:
Sally Bagshaw: | 206-684-8801 | web site
Tim Burgess: | 206-684-8806 | web site
Sally Clark: | 206-684-8802 | web site
Richard Conlin: | 206-684-8805 | web site
Jean Godden: | 206-684-8807 | web site
Bruce Harrell: | 206-684-8804 | web site
Nick Licata: | 206-684-8803 | web site
Mike O’Brien: mike.o’ | 206-684-8800 | web site
Tom Rasmussen: | 206-684-8808 | web site

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