Horses Available

There are countless horses in need of adoption, re-homing and, quite commonly, purchase from feed lot owners who regularly sell quantities of horses to kill buyers filling contracts with slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico. Slaughterbound horses usually have a week or less to be purchased by the public. The goal here is to provide information and create opportunities for people to find and adopt horses who have potential in new or second careers. Please prepare responsibly for taking on any horse.





California Rescued Horses

Bay Area rescue, HORSES HEALING HEARTS, focuses on rescue, rehab and Equine Guided Education. Many of their horses are assessed as qualified to do EGE work in addition to whatever assessed level of training for riding they may have. If you have inquiries regarding any of the horses listed below, please contact Melissa at Horses Healing Hearts:


Maryland Rescued Horses



Washington Feedlot Horses

The feedlot in Zillah, Wa. has many horses and ponies for sale. The feedlot owner will sell them each week to a kill buyer on Fridays or Saturdays. A network of volunteers works with an assessor and photographer to post ads to try to find good homes for good horses. Visit Horsepower-TheMovie to read a detailed account of the assessment and sales process.

Many breeds, ages, size, levels of training – $500 – $850

Call or text 509-952-3866 to purchase!

More photos and listings available at:


Visit ‘Thunder Mountain Farms Equine Rescue’ in Washington for additional information.




  1. I saw your adds last week and wanted to say something and didnt well now I will. Ok these wonderful horses get left at the feed lot find them wonderful homes without charging 500- 800 for them I would be more concerned with finding loving caring homes then with the money if these horses well being meant anything to you. There are alot of wonderful people that have the land and shelter for horses but dont have the large amount that people want for the initial cost for the horse. The horses cannot speak for themselves so help them truly and find homes and dont charge such high amount. And seeing you put the deadline on there or you are having them picked up for slaughter is wrong. so all those wonderful horses you had on craiglist last week you sent friday to slaughter. I took in a rescue mare 3 months ago had her feet done teeth floated and wormed and feed her quality care. she is 27 and cannot be ridden much but that is ok
    because she is happy and content this will be her last forever home. Truly put the money aside and give these horses a chance Like myself and seen horses you have that would be wonderful to own but your cost are outrages i feel being able to feed and shelter them is more important than worring about the money you can make off of them alive or dead
    Really how do you sleep at night after you have taken these horses to slaughter Julie

    • Hi Julie,
      I am very glad you wrote in. A lot of people are wondering the very same things you are about what is happening, and it is my goal to help clarify what can and is happening to unwanted horses these days in the USA. I will write a longer blog post soon, but meantime here are some basics:
      1. The volunteers I work with and I do not own any of these horses. We have gone to feed lots, auctions with kill pens, and other known middle men buyers who sell to kill buyers.
      2. We know we can’t save all the horses, but we do our best to find the horses that we can market to the public in the few short days before a slaughter truck will come and pick them up and take them to Canada or Mexico.
      3. The prices are set by the feedlot owners or middle men owners, and they are the same or possibly only slightly higher than what the kill buyers are about to pay them at the end of the week anyway. As hard as it is for many of us to fathom, this is their business, and we are at least glad for the opportunity to rescue some horses from this unthinkable fate that happens all the time.

      I am so glad to hear you have taken in a rescue mare and given her the kind of life she and every horse deserves. It is the very sad truth that we breed too many horses each year in this country to sustain the population when they outlive their perceived “usefulness” or don’t perform well enough in the field or sport they were trained for. It is my opinion that horse slaughter has never been a humane practice for these highly sensitive flight animals, and that is why I volunteer to help publicize and place horses in need. There are many people who, like you, are willing to take in horses like these, and it is those people I am hoping to reach, get the word out, and eventually, provide options and change the status quo for how this country is currently choosing to allow these animals to be treated.

      • Also, if you cannot come up with a reasonable purchase price ($500-800) what are you going to do with a veterinary emergency? Will you be able to come up with the $200+ to humanely euthanize, plus the cost of rendering? Or will you just send them back to the slaughter?

    • I commend all of you for your efforts, however, the truth is that in this economy, many horses are abandoned in hills and left to starve to death. I would push for tighter regulation on the treatment of these during transportation and holding before slaughter. Not that I am recommending that we should give up trying to find animals that are safe and sane good homes, but I think we as a society need to spend a little more effort on a more achievable goal.

    • To any and all who have a strong opinion on this topic we would love to interview you. Please get a hold of to talk. We have gotten some negative reply’s on our blog because we went and interviewed this process and would love for any other opinions to be voiced for the documentary. If anyone has any other options for theses horses that end up at the killer yard please voice your opinion.

  2. Just to add slightly to what horsesforthesoul said, the price set by the feedlot owner is a price per pound/quality of meat price. When prices are posted on a rescue site, it is usually the minimum price that the feedlot owner will accept for a horse, and he doesn’t really care where the money comes from; kill buyer or forever home. Julie, you have done something wonderful taking in a rescue! Thank you. Also, thank you to horsesforthesoul and anyone else who works in any way to rescue a horse in this situation, or who PREVENTS a horse from ending up here. Karma is definitely on your side.

    • I am just curious how the prices are based? I rescued two from Enumclaw WA, and they were $400 the usual fee is $300-$400 why are they so much higher in Zillah.

      • Hi Tammy,
        Depending on the size and weight of the horse, the feedlot owner will price them to what he knows he would at least get from the kill buyer. He also knows that if the horse is in good condition and has assessed well, he can probably get a little more. There is a nominal amount included for the assessor and rider, who travel a good distance every week, go through herds of horses, and put in a lot of hard work to find the ones with the best chance of being placed on short notice. There is of course no reason a person can’t go directly to the lot and do all that themselves as well – I don’t know what kind of negotiating the feedlot owner will do. It is Chuck Walker, in Zillah. Thank you for your question – it is one many people wonder about!

  3. HEY EVERYONE !! THESE HORSES ARE DUE TO SHIP TO MEXICO ***SOME TODAY:( AND SOME ON SUNDAY ……BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THEIR WORLD RIGHT NOW……HERE IS HOW TO HELP THEM RIGHT NOW…….Let’s all be sure to ‘Like’ the new Another Sunrise Rescue FB page and help all we can to support ‘Horses For The Soul’

    • Hi – yes, as soon as I get information that horses are sold, I mark them sold, and then remove them to make room for new listings. I update this site as often as possible and as soon as I get details. I am in a place with limited access to internet for the next 2 weeks, so bear with me on any slight delays! Thank you.

  4. I would suggest people go to the asuctions and out bid the kill buyers in the first place- SO much cheaper and at least you know where your money is going….

    • When people are able to go to auction houses and purchase horses there, that is great. Most horses listed here are at feedlots or middle-men buyers’ who sell to kill buyers lots, so not as well known. True, I cannot guarantee the money trail. This network operates on trust and faith in many ways, as individuals work together to provide alternatives to slaughter for some horses. The best I can hope for is that more people with personal stories of acquiring horses through this process will write in here in the comments.
      Thank you for supporting opportunities slaughter bound horses in any way you choose.

  5. Hey Ashy,
    I like your blog 🙂

    I work with the Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales group and wanted to help explain the high prices of these horses.

    Our group (like your’s) try very hard every day to try to help save these and the Toppenish horses. Because of some bad blood between some individuals from the past, we are under constant fire and are constantly harassed by people claiming to know profit is being made on these horses.

    I want to state for record that it is not true. We do not take any money (at all). Many of us who are diligently trying to home these horse are attacked because of the high prices. We are merely the messengers trying to do good and pass the word around. The problem with the these accusations is that it makes all of us who honestly work to save the horses, look like we are dishonest. These same people thus create an atmosphere of distrust and sway people away from the possibility of saving a horse’s life. They claim to want the best for the horse and want to look like the “good guy”, yet they are extremely proactive in making statements and assumptions that put these horses in peril. Personally, I do not understand why they would want to do this. I have tried using to bring awareness to horse slaughter, emailed folks who advertise low priced or free horses to help them understand that they need to really screen the buyer in case it is a kill buyer. My posts get flagged and the comments received are from these same people are amazing horrible and slanderous. If they truly want to help the horses, then they would be saying what you and I are saying here (that we just need to concentrate on saving them) and not accusing us of trying to get rich and undermining the process of trying to save lives. Terrible.

    Unfortunately, because we “advertise” (spread the word about the horses) it looks as though we are the ones selling them. This is not true. We do everything in our power to get the word out and find them homes, fosters, etc, but again we do not take the money ourselves (no money touches our hands).

    Because of our good hearted network of people we have avenues to help those trying to get a horse off the lot. We offer up suggestions on how to raise funds for horse via paypal or Another Sunrise. We try to help find quarantine facilities, transport… Many times someone might want a horse, but just cannot come up with the entire amount of the horse on such notice – especially if the horse is sick and will require extra costs. That is where the fund raising begins and goes directly to the person (or organization) who is trying to raise the bail. Again, it does not go through us.

    As far as the prices; We all agree the prices are too high for a slaughter bound horse that may (or may not) be sick, but we have no choice other than to let the horses go onto the slaughter truck. We are at the mercy of those who dictate the price of the horses. The reason the prices ARE high is because they CAN ask those prices. As long as we are willing to try to save them and pay the prices, they will continue to ask prices that are ridiculously high for a possibly sick horse. It is ugly and not right, but the alternative is unthinkable and so the cycle goes.

    I hope for only good things for you, your organization and all of us who try so hard to help.

    • Thank you so much for writing in about Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales and sharing your knowledge of a widely misunderstood situation. I appreciate what Rebels does and also your support. The more we can develop connections and increase awareness, the better. All the best,

    • HI Michelle,
      Chris here from horsepower the movie. I would be interested in doing an interview with you. Please give me a call or send your number.

    • The best thing to do would be to text or call the number above, which is 509-952-3866, and ask if you can set up a time to see and test ride. If she is not able to meet you, she may be able to recommend how to contact the feedlot owner directly. Our goal is to give interested parties as much info and opportunity as possible to acquire these horses. Definitely reach out to Sam at that number. Thank you!

  6. Hi Ashley! I am so happy you are putting in the time to raise awareness about these horses. I had no idea! Although I do not have the resources to currently buy a horse, I do have the space, time and enthusiasm to adopt one or more horses, feed them, love them, train them, ride them and give them daily attention and care. I live with two other young adults, in Duvall, Wa. We are all studying and working in the wilderness education field.
    If you know of any horses that need a home, please get ahold of me. I am ideally looking for horses with big hearts, free spirits , and who want a very strong relationship with their humans. 🙂

    • Hi Katie,
      Thanks for writing and thanks for your support. I would recommend you check out Another Sunrise Equine Fundraising Network on FaceBook:
      There are several people who have rescued horses from the feedlots or elsewhere to foster them and find good homes.
      I would be remiss if I did not advise both you and anyone looking to adopt out a horse to at least negotiate an adoption fee. Even if you don’t have to pay board at your place, the cost of feed/hay (at least in winter), farrier, and vet can be anywhere from $150 – $300 a month on average, and you never know when you are going to need to pay a larger than usual vet bill. It will help everyone feel confident that you can support a horse through think and thin.
      All the best!

  7. For anyone who would be interested in voicing there opinion about what is going on with slaughter and what should be done we are interested. I am the producer for a movie called Horsepower and the main issue is over-breeding and the excess population of horses that go by the thousands to end there lives in Mexico. These organizations and people that do this work are the last hope for theses unwanted animals. So if some of the people who are out there would like to voice there options of what can be done better please call and we will set up an interview.

    • I believe we need to urge our congress to vote for SAFE act which would make it illegal to export horses and defund us slaughter houses for good! I believe it’s the meet market that keeps demand and supports over breeding. If horses were free or very cheep there wouldn’t be much insentive to bread. Yes there would be many extra horses for a while but I believe people would open up their pastures and encorporate these horses. I think the meat market keep the horse value where it’s at.

  8. Ashley, you are doing incredible and much needed work. I hope that people realize that you are getting NOTHING for your time invested in this. Thank God for people like you out there dedicating your time and resources to help make a difference.

    • Thanks so much, Jill, for your comment and acknowledgement. There are a lot of amazing behind-the-scenes volunteers posting ads, fundraising and spreading awareness about horses needing homes so I’d like to share your appreciation with all of them.

  9. Today I was out at the feedlot and had the opportunity to interview and film Sam and Ryan at work going through a new batch of available horses. I was impressed with the criteria and the knowledge of both of these individuals in there methodology of evaluation. Sam is willing as well as the feedlot owner to let perspective buyers vet and ride or watch the horse ridden by Ryan, Ryan has in some post bee said to be an inexperienced rider who has poor form. I have been a trainer for a long tome and would like to compliment him on being a great reader of the horses personalities and abilities. He is young enthusiastic and loves horses and what he is doing. He is doing a dangerous job that most of us would not want due to the nature of some of theses horses. They are all not docile back yard companions!!! I would urge anyone with issues to go and see this process and say this is working it may not always go perfect but Sam and her troops have homed around 5000 horses over the years they have been doing this. We also met and interviewed the owner and love it or hate it Sam and the group are not making allot of money off this due to the prices of meat that is being consumed out of the U.S. Last year alone there was 133,000 horses from the U.S. being sent to Canada and Mexico. If we want to find a cure to this problem we first need to admit that we are at a critical mass with horses that is no different then dogs or cats. Until this number of unwanted horses goes down to match the available ownership we will have slaughter and even possibly here in the states again. So I would love to see all the muck throwing and crap slinging turn into group that would put there experiences and knowledge together and work to make any type of rescues out the work!!!! Lets come together in the name of the animal we all love and want to help the unwanted equids out there.Lets promote sterilization and no more breeding until demand catches up with population. Lets talk to all of the unsung heroes who spend there personnel time after the auctions are over and sell those unwanted horses waiting to enter the slaughter process. If all of you who love horses want to help please lets put our heads and talents to come up with solutions and not problems when there is something working!! I would urge any of you to send us your ideas and if any of you want to attend a round table to talk and discuss options please let us know and we will host it and film it and see what we can come up with. I personally believe it will take a village to make some of theses issues go away and one that works together and not against. Any one who has personal stories of rescue experiences please get a hold of us if you would like to voice theses on film. We want to show the american public what is going on and come up with long term solutions!!
    Thank you for reading,
    Chris Producer
    Horse Power the Movie

  10. Desperately trying to reach the horse rescue to purchase the Paint mare and foal. Have callled and texted – no response.
    Any ideas to reach them?
    Time is of the essence.

  11. Can anyone give me more info on the 3yo QH mare. im SERIOUSLY interested. Im just wondering what her overall temperment was. How was she when you were handling her? Does she give her feet? Was she calm? Did she appear to spook easy? Just overall her impression that she gave during handling. If anyone can trailer her up north (Seattle area) I will buy her now. My only problem is transport. Than k you for your time!


    • Hi Megan,
      Here were the original notes from Sam, who was at the assessment: “3 yr old, 15.2h, bay reg QH mare. This mare is beautiful and the FLO said the seller the reported that she was started but it was a while ago. We did not ride her because she will most likely need to be restarted. She was also not sound up front and I would suggest a pre-purchase exam to determine her lameness. Her legs are clean and her feet are trimmed short so she might be lame because of the footing at the feedlot. She is super correct and sweet so we figured to give her a chance and list her. She is a big, number one mare which will sadly reflect in her price. $825 Will get reg name tomorrow”
      Your best bet is to text and/or call Sam immediately, as she will be able to tell you everything she knows. Please call ASAP if you are interested, as she can organize to haul her to her place for a low daily board fee until you organize transport. Sam: 509-952-3866
      THANK YOU!!

  12. thank you!!! anyone know the earliest i could call? couldnt manage today, worked until late. Anyone know what the earliest i could call Sam would be? what questions should i ask? this is my first time ive delt with a feedlot horse, i really have connected over everything ive learned about her, i just wanna do this right. Thanks so much for all the help i appreciate it more than you guys could imagine!

    • Megan, I am so glad you are interested in her, she is a beautiful horse from what I can see. I would suggest you just text Sam first thing in the morning, and if she is up and available she will respond. I emailed her that you would be in touch. You can ask her anything – she is very experienced and can explain a lot. You can talk to her about how to get payment to her by Thursday, as that is when the truck is scheduled, and if you can’t get there by then, she will get her off the lot for you. Just ask about hauling (I believe it is $50 to her farm, an hour away) and board – it used to be like $15 a day and she will ask for you to cover the cost of penicillin to get her started on a round to make sure you get rid of anything like strangles. Where are you located? It might be worth checking on Another Sunrise on FB to see if you can connect with someone in your area with a trailer to haul. Let me know how it goes – we love to hear success stories for these horses!

  13. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, to everyone involved in improving these horses’ lives, from assessment to adoption. If I could adopt, I would choose one of these guys in a heartbeat – it breaks my heart that so many gentle and sweet horses end up at the feedlot. It is my dream to own acreage in a few years, and you can bet that when I do, and when we have a proper set up for horses, I will be adopting feedlot horses. I’ve read through so many descriptions, and so many of them would be ideal horses for our family. Thank you all so much for all that you do to help these amazing animals! ❤

  14. I have a barn with pasture space, outdoor arena and 6 stalls.. this place needs some tlc but, I would love to take in a couple horses. If someone would like a horse but has no where to keep one, this is a good solution. If anyone would like to help clean up and get it ready to home some rescue horses i would love to hear from you!

  15. a true animal rescue runs off volunteers and donations. if you people wanted to save more horses you would be doing fund raisers to help offset some of the adoption costs and you would not be charging to save them. i have been doing animal rescues for years and have saved hundreds of animals and i have never made 1$. it is sad that you claim to really want to save them, yet you wont let one go without having made your 150$. i had 625$ donated to save a horse that had a price of 825$… 200$ more and he could have been saved. if you would have been willing to give up your cut or if you had been doing fundraisers and putting the $ in a rescue fund for these horses, he would have been saved. this situation is very sad and i wish a true rescue organization would step in and do things the way it should be done.

    • Hi Crystal,
      I’m glad that you are one more person who cares about the well-being and fate of horses and all animals. The more of us out there doing the best we can to make a better life for as many creatures as we can, the better. I would like to clarify that HorsesForTheSoul is not a rescue organization. The intent of this website is to spread awareness about horse-related issues and industries, EGE in particular as a second career for horses. Available horses are posted here, many from the Zillah feedlot as I do support the assessment and marketing of horses that are for sale already and more than likely will be purchased by a kill buyer without any other marketing or publicity.

    • hey crystal
      I know it’s difficult to know what truly goes on behind the scenes and easy to point fingers when things dont work out and yes the price is a little high (they don’t make the price) and as for the “cut” its not a profit I have heard that it goes twards the assessments of the horses as sam and Ryan are not always available to ride the many horses that pass through they hire highschool rodeo riders to “try” the horses out and other things like gas as sam does live an hour away. I have met sam personally when we drove 6 hours put to her place on a sunday! a couple of weeks ago to adopt velvet rose (unfortunately jenn wasnt feeling well) she disnt care it was sunday and she was the nicests most generous person willing to help me with anything she bathed velvet bedore i picked her up and give me advice she clearly has a big heart and doesnt have to volunteer her time but chooses to be their last chance for a new life.he does not make a living off saving slaughter horses by any means and these kind of comments make me sad and undermine everyone’s efforts to save these’s a miracle so many horses have been saves I know I couldnt or wouldnt have been so inspired to help or adopt if it wasnt for people like donna,denise,sam and marla to name a few you maybe I am being too defensive but they so work tirelessly and do everything they can ! you could start your own rescue of you don’t like how things are being handled with them!

  16. I fund raised for Smokey now Vince (who was in the same group with velvet rose) and an hour before the truck came we where still a few hundred short. I was told to call Marla. Who without hesitation took money they had in a fund and applied it to his fee. Last minute I got in a donation and she applied the extra she had set for Vince to VELVET, as she was short too. They filled in the gaps without question, I think that’s pretty amazing of you ask me!
    The system isn’t perfect, but if life was perfect kill pens wouldn’t exist! These people do the best they can with what they have and do an amazing job. Thanks to Guardian Angels and the people working with rebels I was able to make my dream come true and Vince’s too. I’m sorry your experience was not as great but it took a lot of hard work, stress and tears and I nearly didn’t make it. Even if i hadn’t, I wouldn’t have blamed anyone but his old owners for leaving him in that place.
    Place blame where blame is due!
    Thank you Rebels volunteers for filling in the fateful gap, Sam for hauling him to her place maligned he process easier on him Jen and I, and thank you Jen from Guardian Angels for hauling him home to me!

    • i only place blame where it is due, with the bad owners and breeders. i do however still feel that the price of these horses is crazy! in my earlier post i advised that if these people want to save more horses they would be doing fundraisers and finding people willing to volunteer their time, anything that will save a buck will benefit the horses… since posting on here i have started my own small rescue project. i have saved to wonderful horses from the kill pen and have already found them new wonderful homes. in the 2 short weeks that i have been doing this i have also found a ferrier and several horse people to volunteer their time, plus i have received over 1000$ in donations by putting signs up or jars out at stores. next month iam saving 4 more horses. i have found that going above the kill buyers and buying them from the killpens at auction, is more efficient. the 2 horses i saved cost 100$ for both! but great horses sell for as little as 10$! anyone interested in this should contact your local auction…

      • Sara Your right it was super stressful and hard to raise the funds needed for all these horses including mine she almost wasn’t saved I am however glad u have decided to do what you are currently doing as for my earlier post I may have been a little harsh i do get tired of defending the fundraising and adopting of these horses..I think that was the morning some one actually called me crazy for adopting a slaughter bound horse because of all the quote problems they must have..yes she does need a lot of work but I knew that when I adopted her. anyways keep up the good work..

  17. Thank You Ashley for all the work n information
    You give to Us who are not aware of everything
    Going on around us.
    God Bless
    1st time horse owner
    3 rescued horses ❤

  18. Shame on the people whom are worried about price. The cause far outweighs the monetary value. My god my dog food costs $100.00 per month. For those who are concerned about price perhaps donating to this cause every month will help to reduce the expense required to help these horses in their priceless placement with a forever home.

  19. If all the ppl did the research they would understand and have the knowledge they need to make informed comments and they would also see that The head of this Rebel feedlot sales group is none other than a relative of the kill buyer and auction lot. They would also see that in 2005 this person was also shut down as a rescue for abuse and neglect. Horse are switched on buyers and other aligations (spelling ) have been made against these ppl. They do a good job of filling the pocket of the kill buyer with more money to buy more horses with.

  20. I am sorry I will not be as nice, the post above is total non-sense and written by someone that does not know the facts! My name is Samantha Milbredt and I have NEVER been convicted of abuse. People compliment my knowledge and care. The BOD of CBER got tired of the lies online (like the post above) and decided to close the business it was never shut down. Horse have never been switched and not one false allegation has been proven – classic case of internet slander and internet bullies. As for filling the pocket of a kill buyer… the kill buyer used to buy more horses before we started listing. We do not impact his business positively nor negatively. We help the horses plain and simple.

  21. This not true if everybody. Took one horse an stop the breeding. (problem solve.)but you got. The rule of all evil money.And in the bible it states I Shall Not kill it did not state only humans It Said IShall not kill

  22. I agree with the above post. Many breed indiscriminately and do nothing with the offspring. I love the idea of free gelding clinics.

  23. I just saw your ad on Boise Craigslist. My heart is aching… I think what you are doing is wonderful!! I hate watching beautiful horses an foals go off to slaughter but you at right it is a business for many… It’s how they make money… Tares at my heart tho. 😦 I just fell in love with the 2 yr old Andalusian filly!! I would totally pick her up tomorrow but I’m so far away 😦 dang it! Keep up the posts an awesome work! Even if you only save 1 horse out of a hundred you still gave that 1 horse a great chance at life! I appreciate you an your volunteers.

    • Thanks to the tremendous network of supporters and volunteers. This comment was in reference to the horses listed here the week ending 3/2/13:
      Fiona, Hindoo, Mystic, Sebastian and Venus.

  24. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously feel
    this amazing site needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be
    returning to read more, thanks for the information!

  25. The most common form is horse chestnut seed extract
    standardized at 16-20% aescin. This goes on day in and day out
    at tracks all over the country without incident; does this sound like the behavior of crazy,
    hot, wired horses. They find great ways to avoid what people use to try to
    control them, and they can make your horse sick.

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