A few of the things working with horses can address in your workplace:

  • More effective communication
  • Challenges with team cohesiveness and cooperation
  • Leadership presence
  • Renewed creativity and motivation
  • Stress reduction
  • Clarifying vision and mission

Horses are highly sentient, organized, social animals. Their survival in the wild requires that each individual plays a specific role in the group, that they are always aware of themselves and their surroundings, and that they are clear and decisive. Sound familiar?

Human beings are members of the Animal Kingdom. Our highly developed brains have caused an over-reliance on mental capacity – we tend to try to think our way out of every challenging situation, and over every obstacle. Our under-utilized bodies are right there (literally under our noses) with enormous capacity to help us innovate, motivate, accomplish goals, break barriers, and connect to others in powerful ways.

Working with horses requires that we employ our bodies to communicate, interact, respond, relate and lead. Through the process, we learn where and when we are effective and where and when we are not having the impact we intended. Horses don’t respond to words, they respond to the energy underneath the words. Horses don’t respond to the mind that’s thinking, they respond to the mind that is integrated with a body that’s feeling.

What we do with horses is experiential learning – your body will be soaking in more information than you could possibly memorize in a day. As you move into unfamiliar territory, the horses reflect your impact and the effectiveness of your go-to methods of communicating, managing and leading. Together, we open up new possibilities, new methods, and new practices.

Professional development is a process, and working with horses can catapult you out of a rut, open new career pathways, as well as bring teams closer together. Individual sessions and group work available. CONTACT Horses for the Soul for details and bookings.

Reach Higher Levels of Potential and Wellbeing in the Workplace through Experiential Learning and Coaching with Horses.